• Merijn Hos
  • Cyprian Koscielniak
  • Maartje Kunen
  • Miss Blackbirdy
  • Chris Neal
  • Studio Spass
  • Han Hoogerbrugge
  • Paul Faassen
  • Julie Verhoeven
  • Sieb Posthuma
  • De Toneelschuur

Illustration Biannual 2010 very successful

The Illustration Biannual is a new event that aims to show the power and variety of illustration in a versatile program, full of visual elements.

Approximately 1000 visitors came to the Illustration Biannual 2010, Saturday, June 5 in Haarlem, The Netherlands [click to see the pictures]. An important part of the Illustration Biannual 2010 was a digital exhibition, with work by over 100 illustrators presented on big screens [click for an impression].
Prior to the Illustration Biannual 2010, Dutch illustrator Merijn Hos made a huge illustration in the Raaks parking in Haarlem [click for a video].

Some reactions:
Chris Silas Neal: “It is so wonderful to see illustration celebrated all in one place and in one day”
Julie Verhoeven: "It is lovely that illustration is being championed today."