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Merijn Hos
was invited by the Illustration Biannual 2010 to make a huge illustration
in the new Raaks parking in Haarlem. Take a look at the process:

Merijn Hos a.k.a. Bfree, is an artist and iIllustrator from Utrecht, the Netherlands. He graduated in 2004 from the Utrecht School of Visual Arts with a B.F.A in Illustration. Since then he divides his time working 50% as an Illustrator and 50% at his own projects as exhibitions and independent publishing.
The main characteristics in his work are at first sight long-legged characters with high-heel shoes and big hairdo and freckles, a lot of colors and abstract psychedelic landscapes. When it comes to content, you will find a lot of elements such as ghosts, life and death, friendly and cute expressions and hidden messages. web site merijn hos