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Fifth edition Illustration Biennial… Save the date!

illustratie 5de editie Illustratie Biënnale: Merijn Hos

The Illustration Biennial, the ultimate Dutch festival for illustrators, fellow professionals, clients, publishers and all interested, celebrates its fifth edition! Sunday, May 27 we discuss the role of illustration in contemporary visual culture in theater the Toneelschuur in Haarlem, Holland. We present interesting international speakers, and screen printing and sale […]

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The Illustration Biennial

The Illustration Biennial is the ultimate Dutch festival for illustrators, fellow professionals, clients, publishers and lovers of graphic art. Since 2010 it has taken place at the Toneelschuur theater in Haarlem, The Netherlands and is organized by Stichting Illustratie Biënnale Nederland.

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The power of illustration!

Marlies Visser en de Stalinksi's @ Illustratie Biënnale 2016

The illustrators who presented their work June 4th, Noma Bar, the digital exhibition, the Stalinski’s, and much more! The photo’s of the Illustration Biennial 2016 can be seen here! Photographer: Michael Floor.

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Video Illustration Biennial 2016

Including the opening by Marlies Visser and the Stalinski’s, visitor comments,  Joost Swarte, live-drawing by Paul van der Steen, and clips of the presentations by Piet Paris, Pieter van den Eenoge, Marieke of Job,Joris&Marieke, and Harriet van Reek who just won the Golden Paintbrush, a Dutch prize for the best […]

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Illustration Biennial 2016 very succesful

digitale expositie @ Illustratie Biënnale 2016

The Illustration Biennial 2016 thanks its speakers, participants, visitors, funders and sponsors. Theater de Toneelschuur in Haarlem sparkled June 4th and 5th with the power of illustration! We can look back on a successful festival. Photos and videos of the Illustration Biennial 2016 will be posted on the web site […]

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