Daniela Treija (LV) presents her work Saturday June 4

Daniela Treija (Riga, 1991) works with prints, film, drawings and objects, translating intricate theories and stories into form, image, sound and motion, in order to acquaint people with the bizarre and unknown is her ambition.

Daniela is inspired by how our culture and customs are related to influences around us; the stretching of standards of beauty, tradition and ideals. For her guidebook: Form Follows Fiction, she collected 83 sketches of uniquely designed objects. Because these objects only exist in literary works and films, they are purely fictional.

Daniela studied at the Riga School of Arts and Crafts and moved to the Netherlands after graduating in 2011. There she graduated with honors in 2015, from the Design Academy Eindhoven, department of Man and Communication. www.danielatreija.com