Harriet van Reek presents her work Saturday June 4

Harriet van Reek (Leiden, 1957) considers herself more an illustrator than a writer. Yet she received a Gouden Griffel (Dutch illustration prize) for her first picture book The Adventures of Lena lena (app Lena lena).

Her latest children’s book Letter Soup has been selected for the Best Designed Books 2015 (NL): “Intelligent and creative!”. In the series Children’s Art Books of the The Hague Municipal Museum and Dutch publisher Leopold, she made Edith and Egon Schiele, a book that tells an imaginative story about visual artist Egon Schiele.

Text and graphics are one in Harriet van Reeks work. It’s sober, she tries to say a lot with just few words. Her drawings sometimes look deceptively childlike, because of the lack of details and perspective. Harriet makes both commissioned and independent work, as well as visual theater. She teaches illustration at ArtEZ in Zwolle (NL). harrietvanreek.nl