Noma Bar (UK) presents his work June 4

Illustrator / graphic designer Noma Bar (Israel, 1973) reduces everything to the bare essentials. With just a minor adjustment, or by combining images, he can transform a familiar image into a new and provocative image.

Noma Bar looks at the world and his surroundings in a special way. He is fascinated by time and the exact moment that change occurs. He works intensively, making sketches he develops into prints, cut-outs or even three-dimensional works. Silhouettes are important in his work, as well as “hiding” images inside one another.

Although Noma Bar’s work is mostly independent, his visual poetry is also published in newspapers and magazines, like The New Yorker, The Guardian, Wallpaper and the Dutch Volkskrant. He has created over 100 magazine covers, and published over 550 illustrations and two books: Guess Who – The Many Faces of Noma Bar and Negative Space. Noma makes all the illustrations for Chineasy, a method for learning to read Chinese, that uses simple illustrations in order to help people recognize Chinese characters.