Piet Paris presents his work Saturday June 4

Piet Paris (The Hague, 1962) is the master of the silhouette, which he draws in just a few lines. Bright simplicity in lines and surfaces, without details of each and every button, print or frill.

Instead of drawing every design, he summarized a complete fashion show of the designer Jan Taminiau in one single illustration. And for the Viktor & Rolfs show Symphony, he designed enormous scenery.
In addition to his fashion illustrations, Piet Paris is known for his curatorship of the Arnhem Fashion Biennial and for his advertising drawings for De Bijenkorf, Vogue Russia and Saks Fifth Avenue (US).

In the Fashion Design Hotel Modez in Arnhem (NL), the many talents of Piet Paris seem to come together. He invented the hotel concept, he designed the logo and he was responsible for the art direction. pietparis.com.