Sigrid Calon presents her work Saturday June 4

The work of Sigrid Calon (Den Bosch, 1969) can be characterized as pure graphic visual language. It balances on the thin line between applied and fine arts. Sigrid studied Textiles at the Art Academy in Tilburg (NL), and has worked as an independent artist since 2005.

Sigrid Calon makes enlarged embroidery, using thick wool on perforated hardboard, and converts it into complex patterns. She processes the final shapes into books, fabrics, tapestries, exterior cladding and interactive reliefs. She prints her digitally created designs as Risoprint, a digital printing form that results in naturally beautiful and raw prints.

Her book To the extend of / \ | & – (2012) was selected for YIA 2012 Berlin, KALEID 2013 London and Printed Matter 2014 New York. It was made on a Riso machine and contains no text. The visual language in the book is autonomous.