Claudie de Cleen presents her work Sunday May 27

Claudie de Cleen (Zaandam, 1968) started commissioned illustration around 2000. Before that, she mainly made autonomous work and small books. She thrived on the deadlines imposed by the assignments, which turned out to be the opposite of a problem for her.

Nowadays she works for, among others, various Dutch newspapers and magazine. She also draws for children’s clothing brand Imps&Elfs and she is part of the drawing collective Drawing Apart Together with fellow illustrators Tammo Schuringa and Corinne Bonsma. For Dutch magazine Blvd she drew a monthly column, entitled Another Claudie Day.

Claudie has never been willing and able to commit to one single drawing style. She likes to feels free to use any particular technique, depending on the assignment and on her mood. The idea behind an illustration is perhaps her clearest signature. She is not afraid to give a personal interpretation of a subject or let her opinion shine through. Her view of the world is sometimes a bit cloudy, but with the necessary humor she knows how to keep it fun for her and for her clients.