Farida Sedoc (NL) presents her work

Farida Sedoc (1980) uses various techniques (screen printing, graphic design, patchwork, fashion and textiles) to create multi-layered narratives and site-specific works. Her work is closely connected to street culture and hip-hop, and offers space for both stylistic identity and ideology. Political issues such as monetary inequality, gender politics and cultural diversity find their way into various printed forms, colorful posters and clothing. Her work combines contemporary culture with traditional textile techniques and fashion in a state-of-the-art style.

Farida started printing T-shirts, sweaters and fabrics over fifteen years ago. The prints were quite politically charged without her being aware of it: “I was still young and had a lot of anger in me that I could express through screen printing, graphic design and street-wear.” She works with autonomous art projects and institutions, and designs for her independent fashion label. In 2019 Farida was part of Radical Cut-up, a temporary Master Program of the Dutch Sandberg Institute. faridasedoc.com