Geertje Aalders (NL) presents her work

Geertje Aalders (1983) is an illustrator. She makes things. Paper things, painted things, pen and pencil drawings. Paper-cuts are her specialty. With her incredible cutting technique she makes gossamer illustrations for magazines and book covers. She also makes true-to-nature oil paintings, for instance, of insects.

Geertje always conducts an extensive research for her work. She collects information and images from books, the Internet and from nature, and she sketches. She loves being outside. “I enjoy many things, and I incorporate these small stories into my illustrations. Sometimes quite literally, for example, when I translate a mythological narrative into the present with an illustration. Or when I convert a beautiful forest to a paper-cut. And sometimes I have no idea where an idea comes from.”

Geertje Aalders Fete des Fleurs