Leonie Bos (NL) presents her work

Leonie Bos always bases her work on architectural or monumental forms. Human figures, if there are any, function as supporting elements in her carefully constructed compositions. The human aspect is reflected in the choice of specific objects or interiors with which the viewer wants to identify. “With every drawing I strive for autonomy. Over and over it is my ambition that a work can transcend its original function of supporting illustration, after it has served its purpose. ”

Leonie clients include The New York Times, Wallpaper, Apple, Monocle, Wired, The Financial Times and Variety. Recently the illustration below appeared in The New Yorker. Leonie: “The New Yorker commissioned me to make a full-page illustration for the fiction section. The story, Futures by writer Han Ong, is about a wealthy father and son in La Jolla, who host professional tennis players for a local event. You know I never did draw many crowded settings, but nowadays an abandoned tennis court would tend to make you think it’s an illustration of the strange times we live in, hey? It’s not in this case, made it months ago.” leoniebos.nl