Zaou Vaughan presents her work

The stop-motion animations with cuddly life-like figures by Zaou Vaughan often have an abrasive side. Zaou focuses mainly on the technique of stop motion animation: puppets, sets and flat cut-out animation, manipulating tactile material into living stories. She also uses the computer for hand-drawn animation, illustration and motion graphics. As a freelance animation professional she likes to work for socially and environmentally engaged productions in the animation industry.

Together with animation film maker Sverre Fredriksen she co-directed the ultra-short animation film Human Nature. This animated short holds up a mirror to the viewer, showing the love people feel for animals, as well as the suffering they cause them, consciously or unconsciously. To make the film they used fabric, wool and aluminum wire for the dolls, and fabric, wool, wood, paper, sand, plastic wrap, fake fur, plastic, stone, construction foam and much more for the sets.
Human Nature premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2019, and was nominated for a Golden Calf award 2019 in the category Best Short Film at the Dutch Film Festival.

Zaou Vaughan: Human Nature