Trailer 2020

The Illustration Biennial 2020 focuses on contemporary visual culture. This has been beautifully captured by filmmaker Douwe Dijkstra (featured speaker in 2018) in the festival trailer. Douwe also designed the campaign image for the 2020 edition.

The following clip didn’t make it to the trailer, but turned out to be very topical …

Douwe Dijkstra: “Dit is een citaat dat ik had opgenomen voor de trailer voor d‘It certainly means that there are concerns‘ – Douwe Dijkstra: “This is one of the news correspondents ideas I recorded for the Illustratie Biennale 2020 trailer I worked on in January. It didn’t make the cut because I wanted it to focus on environmental problems. Also I thought the Corona virus might not be in the news as much a few months later. I couldn’t have been more wrong….”