Poster art for film

The exhibition Poster Art for Film will be revived during the Illustration Biennial 2021! In 2020 the Illustration Biennial asked eleven Dutch illustrators to make a poster for their favorite Golden Calf-winning (the most prestigious prize within the Dutch audiovisual sector) Dutch movie. The posters will be shown mega-sized on 29 and 30 May in the atrium of Beeld & Geluid in Hilversum, and during the livestream Sunday 30 May.

The power of storytelling

Poster Art for Film highlights the power of storytelling through films and illustrations. Good movie posters show an image that touches on the impact of the movie itself. This unique quality and versatility make movie posters a graphic art form of their own. For this project we teamed up with the Nederlands Film Festival, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020.

Expo Poster Art for Film in Beeld & Geluid