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Cyprian Koscielniak
presents his work June 5, 2010 in the Toneelschuur

Cyprian Koscielniak was born in Poland in 1948. He studied poster design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1987 he moved to The Netherlands where he is established as an illustrator. He has worked for companies an institutions like Avenue, Elle, Elsevier, Quote, Vrij Nederland en voor Philips, ABNAmro, Premsela Foundation en TotalDesign.
Since 1992 he has a permanent collaboration as a political illustrator with the Dutch newspapers NRC and NRC/Next and since 2002 with the German newspaper Frankfurter Algemeine.
He teaches illustration design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Groningen, and has given guest lectures at the Rhode Island School of Design [USA], the Art and Craft Academy in Linz [Austria] and the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana [Slovenia]. web site cyprian koscielniak