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Julie Verhoeven
presents her work June 5, 2010 in the Toneelschuur

Julie Verhoeven – British, with a Dutch father - is a multidisciplinary designer across art and fashion; from illustration and creative direction to design consultancy. After graduating from Medway University [UK] in 1987, she wanted to study fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London, but she wasn't accepted. She started out as John Galliano’s first design assistant. Then she went on to work as design consultant for Martine Sitbon and Richard Tyler, and was head designer for the Italian fashion brand Gibo. Her break through came in 2002 with a series of patchwork bags for Louis Vuitton. Recent commissions include collaborations with Mulberry, Versace,Peter Jensen, Loewe, Lancôme, Topshop, Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio and Sketch. For the H&M Spring 2010 collection she designed beautiful illustrated linen, a pillowcase and a bag. In November 2009 MU Eindhoven published her book “Bit of Rough”. web site julie verhoeven